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The Facebook boss finally announced a series of measures to control the publication of hateful or racist content on his platform. Warnings will indeed be added to controversial publications. Advertisements which indicate that people of certain origins, ethnicities, nationalities, gender or sexual orientation represent a threat to the safety or health of others will be purely and simply removed according to the new measures announced by Mark Zuckerberg.

Pressure on Mark Zuckerberg…

This announcement by the Facebook leader comes initially, after several weeks of tension between his employees and him. Some human rights organizations have also put pressure on the social network so that it can review its position vis-à-vis the phenomenon. In order to force the hand of the CEO of Facebook who was characterized by his inaction in the face of this phenomenon, certain advertisers were called by American civil society organizations to boycott the company.

These include the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the National Association for the Advancement of People of Color (NAACP). The objective of these associations was to obtain better regulation of groups inciting hatred, racism or violence. The call had received a very favorable response from certain large companies.

Coca Cola and other structures boycott Facebook…

As structures that have responded very favorably to the call of American civil society organizations, we can cite: Coca Cola, the food and cosmetics giant Unilever, the American telecoms company Verizon, the Ben & Jerry’s glacier (Unilever ), the manufacturers of outdoor leisure items Patagonia, North Face and REI, as well as the recruitment agency Upwork.

It should be remembered that several companies involved in digital technology had taken steps to report that racist publications were not authorized on their platforms. The social network of the blue bird as well as other social networks had taken up the American president on several of his publications. “Racial violence and injustice have no place in society and we stand in solidarity with all those who seek peace, love, equality and justice in America. “, said the social network Snapchat on June 3 following a publication by Donald Trump.

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