Under Layer Formula E Circuit Use Bamboo Material

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Bamboo material is used in the basement layer circuit for car racing Formula E in Ancol Area, North Jakarta.

Monitoring CNNIndonesia.com at the construction site of the circuit, bamboo material appears to be located around zone 5 of the construction. This zone is difficult to work with because it has a soft soil structure.

“Bamboo is for a kind of raft,” said the person in charge of the Formula E Circuit Project from PT Jaya Kontruksi, Ari Wibowo when asked about the use of bamboo, Wednesday (23/2).

He explained that the reason why bamboo was used to coat the bottom layer was because it was water resistant.

“Bamboo is strong against water and it can be broken, it can be broken, it can be broken, it can be flattened,” he said.

In addition, the use of bamboo as a construction material is also due to time constraints.

“We have a problem with time, if we make a factory one such as long concrete. I’m not talking about price, I’m talking about time. Manufacturing only takes time, that’s about it. So we have to find a suitable one. ready stock in large numbers,” he said.

Ari admitted that to look for bamboo in large quantities, his party was looking not only in Jakarta, but from other areas.

“I looked for it all the way to Lampung, Palembang. That’s right, not only here! It’s not that it doesn’t exist, (but) it’s lacking,” he said.

For information, the construction time for the circuit project is set for 54 days, starting from February 3, 2022 to March 28, 2022. The circuit will be built with a length of 2,400 meters with 18 bends and a straight track length of about 527 meters.

The project work uses funds from PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) in the range of Rp. 50 billion.

President Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo, Widi Amanasto, said that his party is optimistic that the circuit will be completed by the end of March or early April. Moreover, he said, if you look at the positive difference between the target and the realization of development.

“We are optimistic that the end of March, the beginning of April we will be able to complete all of these tracks. God willing, with the right quality,” said Widi.

It is known that Jakarta will host the 2022 Formula E season. The plan is for Formula E to be held in the Ancol area, North Jakarta on June 4, 2022.


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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