Under Jankovic’s Coaching, National Football Team Receives Significant Boost Upon Arrival in New Zealand

Original title: After the national football team arrived in New Zealand, it directly trained Jankovic to coach the national football team.

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On March 20, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s football team has arrived in New Zealand under the leadership of Jankovic. What is worth noting is that the whole team did not rest after arriving in New Zealand, but chose to wake up the body for training. This includes going to the gym for training and training methods such as jogging. Keeping the players in the game is also a characteristic of the Chinese men’s football team after Jankovic coached.

Jankovic’s coaching of the Chinese men’s national football team is actually very beneficial to the national football team. He brought high-intensity, high-confrontation training and tenacious fighting spirit to the team. This also makes the mental outlook of the national football team take on a new look. Moreover, Jankovic also expressed in front of the media that he would communicate with the U24 national football team coached by Djurjevic and replace some players.

After all, the average age of this national football team is too old. And there is indeed a lack of good players to supplement. It is obvious that the U24 national football players are players of the right age who are preparing for the next world preliminaries, and Jankovic has also coached players in the 99 age group for a long time. I know this group of young players very well. In New Zealand’s overseas warm-up matches, some of the U24 national football players with outstanding performance will inevitably join the national team lineup to supplement fresh blood.

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This national football training team played two warm-up matches during the domestic training period. Including the 1-0 defeat of the Meizhou Hakka team and the 4-0 victory over the Shijiazhuang Kung Fu team. And before going to New Zealand, the national football players are still undergoing high-intensity training in Guangzhou, treating daily training as a game to be strict and using the game as a daily tactical drill to maintain a good attitude. This is also Jankovic’s coaching style.

In fact, the national football team has been promoting the rejuvenation of the lineup. The three players Lin Liangming, Chen Pu, and Wei Zhen are the 97-year-old players who have newly joined the national football training lineup. In addition, after the U24 national football team has completed two warm-up matches against the New Zealand U22 men’s football team in New Zealand, the most outstanding players are expected to enter the national team lineup. Moreover, Jankovic requires the national football players to have a rigid requirement, that is, the body fat rate should not exceed 10%. This also reflects that Jankovic has very high physical requirements for the players.

And we have two friendly matches with the New Zealand national team, on March 23 and 26 respectively. It can be said that the time interval is very short. This is also simulating the Asian Cup group stage. At the same time, high-quality and high-intensity events are conducive to improving the strength of the team. In addition to the matches with the New Zealand men’s national football team, the national football team is likely to start a warm-up match with some local club teams when they go to New Zealand for overseas training. We must know that young sports teams of other age groups in China have improved their strengths by going abroad to train overseas. And then at the level of the national team, it is likely that under the leadership of Jankovic, more opportunities will be obtained by using the method of collective study abroad to obtain more competition opportunities overseas.

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