Under express reservation. They remain silent on alleged cannons of 5 million to deputies

After receiving accusations that the PT paid PES deputies up to five million pesos to leave your parliamentary group to go to the petista, today they were going to respond to such indications, but in the end that did not happen.

The PT is in the signing deputies from other factions in order for your bench to become the third political force in the Chamber of Deputies, and can aspire to preside over it. Currently, the PRI is the third bank with the most legislators in San Lazaro.

Today the PT had announced the realization of a remote press conference to present the new deputies that are integrated to the PT family after leaving the PES, the scandal of the gunshots of 5 million pesos to buy deputies who decide to join the PT bench.

However, the conference was canceled as the PT bench coordinator, Reginaldo Sandoval excused himself and it was reported that he suffered the death of a close relative. However, no one else dared to make the defense and clarifications of the case. Not even the 4 PES legislators that they joined the PT and that, as they say now, they have “kept silent like mummies”.


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