Under Express Booking. The AMLO-Calderón grab

They make us see that the differences between the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the former president and opponent in the 2006 elections, Felipe Calderon, not only continue, but it seems they will increase and are becoming a political grab which has as a backdrop the next year’s election.

They point out that after AMLO said this morning that during Felipe Calderón’s administration, Mexico was a “Narco-state”, due to the alleged links with drug trafficking by his secretary of Public Security, Genaro Garcia Luna, Don Felipe did not remain silent and accused that López Obrador seeks to divert attention from the 52 thousand dead that the country has counted until yesterday as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and criticized that the president wants to censor the media that give a daily account of the official figures of victims.

“The only regrettable thing here is that Mexico have a president who wants censor the media To tell the truth! With the government’s own figures! ”Felipe Calderón wrote in his twitter account.

Minutes before AMLO’s accusations, Calderón assured in the radio program of journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva that the current government seeks to involve him in the corruption cases, but that “they are going to run his errands” because he did not commit any crime.

“The López Obrador government is trying to scare me with illegal leaks, but he’s going to run my errands; the accusations against me do not worry me, they just annoy me, “said Calderón.

“They are going to run our errands for us, because we are many Mexicans up to the cap of this government, which does not want us to talk about economic disaster what they are doing with the country, who does not want us to talk about a President who does not have the decency to wear a mask out of respect for Mexicans; and he wants us to be talking about speculation to the press, because they want to weaken the political enemies of the government”, He added.

For his part, President López Obrador assured that he has been convinced that in the Calderón’s administration Mexico became a narco-state.

“There was talk of a narco-state, and I honestly, at that time I thought it was not correct to classify the drug in this way. Mexican state, but then with all this coming to light, because if you can talk about a narco-state“AMLO said in his morning conference.

The fact is that the week has started with a grab between a president who seeks next year for his party to retain the majority it has in the Chamber of Deputies, and a former president seeking the record of his “Free Mexico” party to compete in next year’s elections.

They tell us that we must not lose sight of the phrase spoken by the President López Obrador before leaving your morning lecture: “I don’t hate, but I don’t forget”.


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