Under Express Booking. Rain of resignations in the AMLO government

They tell us that in the coming days it is expected that a waterfall of resignations fall into the presidential office.

This morning the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador noted that because all those officials who aspire to participate in the next electoral process have what remains of this month to submit your resignation, since as of November 1 they should not continue working in the federal government.

“I believe that these days applications are going to start, because if there are some who aspire and have the right to do so because according to the Constitution then we have the rights to vote and be voted, that is, we can participate. Nothing but do not mix the partisan with what has to do with government workThat’s why we are making the decision that they withdraw in time so that nothing that has to do with the government is used ”.

They tell us that, although there are some resignations in the cabinet that are already very popular, like that of the Secretary of Security, Alfonso Durazo, which will look for the governor of Sonora and those of various federal delegates in the states, there are others that might surprise.

The case, they make us see, is that the president made the last call today to drop the charges and it only remains to be seen who is the first to say goodbye to the federal government.



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