Under Armor introduces the fastest performance running shoes ever.

Tested for more than 11,000 miles, the UA Flow Velociti Wind is the newest running shoe. Comes with innovation to support running through the shoe’s pattern design And the use of new foam technology That cuts off the outer rubber of the shoe

What is the flow state? Flow state is the flow state. It’s a sensation that can be felt after running for many miles. Shaking off other thoughts, leaving just the feeling of wanting to keep running. Because we enjoy the body that is light and fast. Until leaving only the wind that blows through your back This fluid state is something many runners are passionate about and are always looking for.

Under Armor is inspired by top running athletes. And strive for continuous innovation in order for all runners to develop themselves In a world of sports where every second counts, Under Armor teams develop shoes that are not only lightweight. But there is also good support for the intense training of elite athletes. We will be able to create shoes that aim to increase speed. And how to break the limit? We can get rid of the outer layer, which is the heaviest part. Without losing the durability or the grip ability of the shoe?

Over 3 years, 17 material tests, 9 biomechanics tests, 15 shoe tests, and over 11,000 miles of shoe performance tests, it was finally a success. And it was the beginning of UA Flow midsole technology.

UA Flow is bouncy and has good road adhesion. And enough support with full foam technology that does not require the use of rubber as the outsole allows Under Armor to develop innovative running shoes. Featuring unprecedented traction on the shoe market, UA Flow is introduced in a new high-quality running shoe, the UA Flow Velociti Wind, the first running shoe to use this technology.

The UA Flow Velociti Wind shoes are built with energy-saving features. And adhesion to the road The upper features UA Warp, a knit fabric that hugs the foot. To unlock user running performance, the UA Flow Velociti Wind shoes are designed for the user’s speed rather than long-distance running shoes. Allowing the operator to run as fast as it leaves behind a breeze

UA Flow Velociti Wind

Made to help runners reach slippery conditions.

UA Flow technology was born from our innovative shoe development team based in Portland, Oregon, in collaboration with one of the best materials science research companies in the world. To develop new technology to the market Beginning by asking the question, How can users run as fast as leaving the breeze behind? Leading to solving problems out of the box By finding technology to replace the outer rubber floor But still maintain comfort, flexibility and traction with every step

“Flow is the smoothness and smoothness of the experience gained while running. Smoothness from walking to running It’s a smooth feeling both around the legs and on the foot, there’s no distraction. Nothing can stop you like you are in Flow State, ”says Tom Luedecke, creative director of shoe innovation development.

The development of UA Flow is the result of a collaboration between Dow Chemical and the Under Armor teams, both innovation development department. Product Design Department Biomechanics Department Sports and consumer groups and many others, with more than 50 people jointly developing, this new technology is brought to market. During our trial run of the UA Flow technology, we tested the technology on a group of 130 elite athletes, running over 11,000 miles.

Previously, UA Flow midsole technology was introduced for the first time in basketball shoes. When launching the Curry 8 FLOW, Stephen Curry’s most popular basketball shoe, the collaboration with world-renowned basketball players showed an opportunity for the Under Armor team to bring their knowledge. From other sports You can adapt and develop products and technologies to meet the needs of both basketball players and high-level runners.

“When I put on the UA Flow Velociti Wind, I feel light and comfortable. It was like nothing could hold me back, ”says UA professional runner Morgan McDonald.

UA Flow Velociti WindUA Flow Velociti Wind

What is UA FLOW?

The UA Flow revolutionized shoe design by replacing the rubber outsole. This makes it possible to reduce the weight of the shoe added by an average of 2-3 ounces compared to running shoes. In addition, the UA Flow is the lightest midsole technology at the moment. Of the UA line of running shoes with lightweight cushioning foam Improves the durability of running shoes In addition, the foam has the ability to naturally adhere to the surface. Making it unnecessary to add many thick layers in the past

UA Flow technology was first introduced in the UA Flow Velociti Wind shoe, a lightweight performance running shoe. Designed for runners looking for a natural sole. Can increase the speed for the user. And at just 8.5 ounces (men’s size 9), the UA Flow Velociti Wind is the answer for speed runners. And support during running Tempo, long distance running with speed Or even a long distance race

“These shoes are so lightweight that we’re not wearing them. This makes it easier to get into a slippery state during exercise when the shoe fits snugly with your feet. Responds to movement And has a very light weight It doesn’t distract us, ”says UA professional runner Madeline Kopp.

UA Flow Velociti WindUA Flow Velociti Wind

New features to create shoes that suit you.

The UA Warp is a fabric upper designed to hug the user’s foot. To unlock extreme running performance By the aforementioned fabric acts as a seat belt for the feet The knit fabric is nicely positioned in a position that Under Armor biomechanists believe is a supportive component. The knit will be taut as you begin to move. And slow down when you stop Helps prevent injuries that may occur from traditional shoe linings.

UA Warp fabric technology is one foot movement. To ensure that it can be supported in every movement And help unlock the running efficiency of users By developing the foot to be more effectively attached to the shoe. Thus, UA Warp technology naturally locks your foot into the UA Flow midsole. Without interrupting the natural movement of the feet

The UA Flow Velociti Wind shoes help runners better stick to the ground. Run with confidence With a rubber-free outsole, it has better grip on the surface than the previous shoe. And although this shoe will not use rubber as an outsole Operators can still be confident on every surface they run. Since the wet cement floor To the rough road

“UA Flow technology is another big step forward for Under Armor and gives us the opportunity to develop new footwear in the future,” said Josh Rattet, vice president of Global Footwear at Under Armor. Many years ago We have always been committed to developing a reliable and quality running shoe brand, and the UA Flow Velociti Wind is a testament to our commitment to developing equipment that empowers runners to be more efficient. ”


Shoe weightman (Size 9 us) 8.5 oz. (241 g)

Female shoe weight (size 7 us) 8.02 oz (227 g)

Price: 4,859 baht

・ Heel Height: 26 mm.

Forefoot height: 18mm.

Drop value (Offset): 8 mm.

UA Flow Velociti Wind officially goes on sale on March 3, 2021 at UA.com website and 6 UA Brand House branches (Siam Center Branch Mega Bangna Branch, Central World Branch Future Park Rangsit Branch Central Plaza Ladprao Branch Central Plaza Westgate Branch) and Sports Mall, Siam Paragon Shopping Center Branch



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