Unconventional Audi A1 Modification with Air Chassis, PS4, and More

If you fondly remember the early parts of the saga with Vin Diesel and his family, you will surely be excited about this piece.

Indeed, a truly unconventional modification appeared in Czech advertising. So unconventional… it’s a tuning that seems to have been sewn from the beginning of the millennium, when many young boys in the first grade of elementary school could lay their eyes on such creations. But the fact that someone has embarked on a similar reconstruction even now really surprised us.

In case you didn’t recognize it, the Audi A1 hides under the flashy two-tone paint and honest body kit. It is a used car from 2011, which today has more than 168,000 kilometers on its account and under the hood is a TSI engine connected to a seven-speed automatic transmission. The information about the particular piece speaks of a power of 150 horsepower.

However, the list of attractions only begins with that. The car sits on an air chassis, has a Sparca steering wheel and seats, Fokal audio and Zimmermann brakes with ceramic pads. The wheels come from the Riegger company, and those who thought that was not enough will surely be pleased to know that the PlayStation 4 game console is part of the car.

V advertisement is stated, that the car was driven to tuning events exclusively on the sleepers and is currently available in the Olomouc bazaar for 270,000 CZK. So what, would you go to such a frenzy?

2023-06-07 16:55:27
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