Uncomfortable live off-air life, Alberto Matano “Mara Venier ruined me …” but Venier feels it and threatening “I heard the off-air, when …” – Baritalia News

Live life continues to collect a great success with the public thanks to the professional and always on the piece Alberto Matano who is proving to be a very rigorous but also extremely nice conductor. Maurizio Costanzo, on more than one occasion, he praised him and paid him lots of compliments and, although many viewers miss seeing next to Matano a female presence that softens the conduct a little, many are so satisfied that the audience figures are decidedly gratifying.

Alberto Matano and Mara Venier and the relationship that binds them

Alberto Matano and Mara Venier they are colleagues as well as great friends. The two have always said it and shown that, both in front of the cameras and in their private life, they hang out and look great together. Matano he also said that he does not feel the difference in age between them at all and that when they meet they look like two twenty-year-olds for the enthusiasm and happiness of being together.

Next Saturday, December 5 on Rai 1 they will be conducting, together, an evening, the Biagio Agnes Award so Alberto Matano, although very happy with this commitment, joking in an off-air that was not heard in the broadcast said: “Mara ruined my weekend”.

Then when it came back on the air, Mara Venier, laughing, he said: “Off the air I heard Mara ruined my weekend. When I see you I lose you”.

E Matano he burst out laughing and couldn’t even say anything anymore because the laughter prevented him.

Matano and the firmness in remembering that the anticovid rules must be respected

Alberto Matano he is always very careful and precise in remembering that they absolutely go respect the ancient rules that we all know very well by now: maintain social distancing, wear masks correctly and wash your hands frequently.

These rules remind her often and then when her sent Antonella Del Prino it was connected from Naples for the death of Maradona and Matano saw dangerous gatherings of people, interrupted the connection by saying that it was not possible to propose certain scenes on TV, invited those present to keep the right distance between them and then communicated to the Delprino that they would reconnect if the people present respected the rules of distancing and so, quite abruptly, broke the connection.

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