Uncertain Season, Beware of DHF, in Gresik Already Recorded 107 Cases

JawaPos.com- Even though it is already May, the City of Santri is still often rained. The erratic weather made the Gresik Regency Health Office again warn the public to be wary of the transition season. Therefore, the risk of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is increasing.

Based on data from the Health Office, starting from January since April, there have been quite a number of dengue cases in the City of Santri. In the fourth month alone, there were 24 cases recorded. Meanwhile, this May there were 8 cases.

Head of the Section for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases at the Gresik Regency Health Office, Yuhana Haina, stated that the Aedes aegypti mosquito easily breeds during uncertain seasons. Like the weather experienced by Gresik at this time. Often it is hot, but suddenly it rains. ”This season, puddles are easy to find. Therefore, you must be diligent in cleaning,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Gresik Regency Health Office, Mukhibatul Khusnah, said that actually DHF could be prevented. Namely, applying 3M Plus. ”Must be more diligent in cleaning the house. Especially in places that can become puddles,” he said.

The doctor, the former head of the Sukomulyo Health Center, said that throughout 2022, there have been 107 cases of dengue fever. That number is more than 2021 in the same period (see graphic for details). This year’s case is the highest in the last two years.

In addition to doing 3M Plus, people can add abate medicine in water reservoirs. This is to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. “Actually, what’s dangerous is water that doesn’t move. There mosquitoes are easy to breed. Well, this needs to be continuously controlled,” he said.

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