Uncertain future for Prince Joachim:

On Wednesday evening of this week the news came that Prince Joachim (53) and Princess Marie (46) I move from France. The Danish newspaper reports it BT.

Next summer, the prince will quit his job for the past two years as a defense attache at the Danish embassy in Paris. He said so himself Picturemagazine.

Joachim certainly held his papers close to his chest when asked if he would take the rest of his family with him and return home. We have to believe the Danish BTs royal correspondent, Jacob Heinel Jensen, is, however, highly unlikely to happen.

– I don’t expect Prince Joachim to return to Denmark. It has been made clear that there is no place for him at home.

OPENS: In an exclusive interview with Dane BT, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie said their children feel “marginalized”. Photo: Bax Lindhardt / BT
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– It will be decisive

The news that Prince Joachim will leave his job surprised royal expert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen. He writes Extra magazine.

– This is great news. It would have been natural if he had continued to work for a longer period of time, because it was a job that made sense for Denmark and where it served the interests of the Danes, says Sørensen.

UNCERTAIN TIME: It is not yet known whether Prince Joachim and the rest of the family will move home to Denmark.  Photo: SplashNews / NTB

UNCERTAIN TIME: It is not yet known whether Prince Joachim and the rest of the family will move home to Denmark. Photo: SplashNews / NTB
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The royal house expert does not hide the fact that there is now a lot at stake regarding the future role of the prince in the royal house.

– What they do now and where they choose to settle will be absolutely decisive for the Danes’ perception of Prince Joachim and for the role he will play in the royal house, he says.

He continues:

– If they return home to Denmark, they send a signal – both the Danes and the rest of the royal house – that they want to play an important role in the royal house. If they settle in a completely different place, many will probably think that it slips further and further into the periphery and no longer has a major role to play.

BLOOD CLOTS: Royal house expert Caroline Vagle believes the Danes were concerned when Prince Joachim was hospitalized for a blood clot in the summer of 2020. Video: Jeanette N. Vik / Dagbladet
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– Time will tell

Se og Hør royal house expert Caroline Vagle says she thought Prince Joachim and his family would stay longer in France.

– Especially after the recent controversies within the family. But now we don’t know if they will return to Denmark. According to the expert of the royal house of Billed Bladet, it is possible that the prince is betting on a high-level military post in another country after all the experience gained at the embassy in Paris.

She continues:

– They still have their home in Denmark and Joachim’s eldest son still lives in his home country. Time will tell where they go.

THE ROYAL HOUSE: Prince Joachim (51) was hospitalized due to a blood clot in his brain. Reporter: Jeanette N. Vik
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This weekend, Queen Margrethe (82) will be celebrated, which is the part of the program that was based on the celebration of the jubilee preceding the death of Queen Elizabeth.

– It will be the first time we see the family together after the title row. This is where both the crown prince and the princely couple are expected, Vagle informs.

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