UNBOXING The Last of Us Part II : our photos of the house of the collector’s edition

Yesterday is officially released The Last of Us Part IIexclusively on PlayStation 4. A title highly anticipated by millions of players, including us, who had pre-ordered the collector’s edition at the end of last year. After several delays frustrating, we finally put hands on this big package.

As a reminder, the collector’s edition of The Last of Us Part II includes :

  • The game PS4, on two Blu-ray ;
  • A steelbook with a artwork signed Alice X. Zhang ;
  • A small artbook 48 pages edited by Dark Horse ;
  • A replica of the bracelet ofEllie ;
  • A lithograph with a thank you letter in English to Neil Druckmann, game director (also translated into French) ;
  • Five stickers with the tattoo ofEllie and the logos of the game and Naughty Dog ;
  • Six pins in metal with the logo of the game, one of Naughty Dogthe emblem of Firefliesthe knife ofElliea panel Stop and a wolf ;
  • A statuette ofEllie playing the guitar, measuring over 30 cm ;
  • Bonus digital :
    • A dynamic theme PS4 ;
    • Six avatars for the PSN ;
    • The original soundtrack ;
    • A mini artbook.
  • By pre-ordering the game, we also got two digital assets, a Manual preparation and a Capacity ammunition improved.

The collector’s edition of The Last of Us Part II is impressivetheartbook is nice, but a little small, the steelbook is original, the pins are really successful, the lithograph is lovely, the bracelet is a little plastic, but the statuette is worth a visit, with its impressive size and its many detailsdespite a finish not necessarily perfect in some places. Our photos of this collector’s edition are to be admired on the second page.

As a reminder, The Last of Us Part II available on PS4 only.

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