Unbelievable in Pandemic, Fitness Influencer Died after Infected with Covid-19

Suara.com – A influence in the fitness sector died due to Covid-19. Man of origin Ukraine previously didn’t believe the virus existed.

Adapt The Sun, Sunday (18/10/2020), Dmitriy Stuzhuk was infected with the corona virus on his way to Turkey.

Based on the confession of Dmitriy’s ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, the 33-year-old man developed heart complications after contracting Covid-19.

The influencer who creates valuable content and a healthy lifestyle reported his condition shortly after being positive for the corona virus to his one million followers.

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In his upload three days ago, Dmitriy said he wanted to share a story about his illness, as well as warn of the dangers of Covid-19, which he previously thought did not exist.

Dmitriy uploads about corona virus infection. (Instagram / stuzhuk_dmitriy)

“I was a person who thought Covid-9 didn’t exist, until I got sick,” wrote Dmitriy on Instagram.

“Covid-19 is not a short-term disease! And it’s hard,” he continued.

This man of three woke up in Turkey with a swollen neck and difficulty breathing. Later, it was discovered that he was infected with the coronavirus after returning to Ukraine.

He was then taken to a hospital and treated there. Dmitriy said the health facility where he was receiving treatment was so full, “some of them were treated in the corridor.”

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To his followers, this man also showed how much he needed a breath aid.

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