Unanswered chat? These are 6 signs of someone’s blocked WA number

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Self To chat WhatsApp gets no response, it could be that your number has been blocked by that person. Blocking contact numbers on the WhatsApp application has become commonplace among WhatsApp users.

This is sometimes done to avoid communicating with someone you dislike or find annoying.

To know if your mobile number is blocked or not, you need to identify the characteristics of a mobile number that has been blocked by someone else.

The WhatsApp FAQ page reveals a number of indicators that indicate whether or not your number has been blocked by other people.

WhatsApp writes that if all of the above indicators appear on the contact, it means that the user has blocked the WhatsApp number. But apparently there are other possibilities, because WhatsApp deliberately makes it ambiguous as a reason to protect privacy.

“We intentionally made this ambiguous to protect your privacy when blocking someone. This way we can’t tell you if someone else blocked you.” delete WhatsApp.

Whatsapp sign blocked by people

So how do users know that their account has been blocked by someone? Below, there are six features of our WA blocked by someone.

1. No profile picture

The most basic thing you can know about blocking is whether that person’s profile picture can be seen. However, this is certainly not to be blocked because it is possible that the profile photo can be hidden from other people or that our contacts are not stored by people we suspect.

2. Checklist one

In addition, our WA feature is blocked by people, when sending messages it is not sent, that is, only tick one. However, this could indicate that the person you are chatting with does not have an internet quota or that the network is actually down.

3. Last seen status

The next way is to see when it was last online on WA. This is to remember that if indeed the contact we are targeting can still be contacted, you can see the last time he was online.

But again, if indeed your last online status isn’t visible, it doesn’t mean you’re blocked. Could be, the user actually activated the function to remove the status.

4. Unable to call

To make sure, whether your number is blocked or not, call them directly. If when you call a contact and the status is only “Call” instead of “Ringing”, there is a possibility that you are blocked.

But keep in mind that the summoning status can appear in other ways. For example, if that person doesn’t have an internet data plan.

5. Unable to view WA history

The feature of our next person blocked WA is that you can’t see user stories. It’s just that, there are two possibilities, it could be that he turned on Status Privacy which was only intended for a few people. Then, both of your numbers are being deliberately blocked.

6. Cannot be invited to groups

The final trick is to invite him to the WA group. Simply put, if you’re blocked, you won’t be able to send the invite

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