Unanimous decision! Netizens have chosen this young couple of idols. Loudest in Korea!

Netizens chose this young idol couple as the hottest in Korea!

Recently, a popular online community forum pointed out that nearly 100% of social media is filled with stories related to Taehyung (V of BTS) and Wonyoung (IVE) It clearly shows that Taehyung and Wonyoung have become the number 1 popular celebrity in Korea for male and female idols.

Korean netizens commented on how popular the two are now, such as:

Look at the trend It seems real, V. Has been around for over 9 years but is still very popular, these two seem to be the most popular right now. Confirmed by their anti-fans, the male is V and the female is Wonyoung, really, haha. Even after debuting for nearly 10 years, V is still in the headlines, etc.

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