Unacois / Yessal demands from the State its 156 containers and 40 tonnes of plastic bags

Plastic containers have been seized, in application of the law effective since April 20. The union

association of traders, operators and manufacturers of Senegal (Unacois / Yessal) revealed that the

Customs got hold of some 40 tonnes of plastic bags, worth 120 million CFA francs and 156 plastic containers cleared for 5.5 billion CFA francs. And Unacois / Yessal to demand the judgment

seizures and the release of stocks already cleared, during this Covid-19 period impacting all sectors of activity, while ensuring the authorities of their support for the implementation of the law.

The State decided to continue the fight

In an interview with Sud Quotidien, on April 25, 2020, Abdou Karim Sall indicated that the legal conditions for the entry into force of the plastic law are met. As for the technical and material ones, they will be put in place as the law is applied.

This shows, according to him, that “the State should not wait until all the conditions are met to put in place a law. In some emergency situations, as is currently the case with the scale of plastic pollution, we must legislate and take action. The rest will follow. Because the longer we wait, the more the evil will worsen and reach the point of no return, ”he guaranteed.

Regarding the movement of bags, the Minister of the Environment had promised to stop imports. “What I

am sure, is that no authorization to import plastic bags will be issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development. If these plastic bags enter the country fraudulently, the authorized control services will seize them, in accordance with the law, and will impose the penalties provided for the offenders, ”he warned.


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