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The central concert evenings of the unaccustomed music festival “Skaņu mežs 2020” will take place this year on October 9 and 10 in the cultural building “Hanzas perons”, while the festival’s free introductory concert will take place on October 2 in an unspecified room, the organizers announced.

On the evening of October 2, the electro-acoustic music ensemble “Woodpecker Project” founded by composer Andris Dzenītis will be heard, which currently includes Arvīds Kazlausks, Ritvars Garoza and Gatis Zaķis.

The evening will also feature a duo of sound engineer, renowned Dubplates & Mastering studio and electronic music composer Rashad Becker with saxophonist and composer André Vida.

The German contemporary music ensemble Sonar Quartett will perform music by Italian microtonal music and the forerunner of minimalism Giancinto Scelsi, in particular works for Manto solo viola, I riti funerali di Carlo Magno AD814 for cello and percussion, and Schelsi and the Fifth String Quartet. Following this performance, Šelsi’s vocal composition “Hō” will be performed by Latvian mezzo-soprano Ieva Parša.

This performance is the debut concert of the project “Remaiin” led by “Skaņu meža”, which explores the influence of other cultures in the western avant-garde music.

The Sound Forest co-founded platform will be represented at the SHAPE event by Jim Campbell, or Rrill Bell, who creates his own collage-like improvisations by manipulating audio cassettes, similar to the once hip-hop and noise music subcultures of vinyl record players.

The center of the concert evening on October 9 will feature the world premieres of two works created especially for “Skaņu mežs”. The authors of both works will not be present at the concert due to the coronavirus pandemic, but their works will be performed in two different ways. Pianist and Grand Music Award winner Agnese Egliņa, who also works for the trio Art-i-Shock, will premiere the composition “Blombos Workshop” by the American composer, trombonist, computer music innovator and McCarthy’s “genius award” winner George E. Lewis. . Lewis is a member of the AACM, an African-American composers and instrumentalists union, and has not written works for solo piano since 1994.

The work of artists and electronic music composers Marina Rosenfeld and Ben Vida will be played electronically and even automatically. As the organizers of the festival explained: “The generative composition of multi-channel music sounds a little different each time it is played, and in a way it can sound endless, because its sound strings based on a certain algorithm can continue in inexhaustible variations.”

Tonight, the relatively recent Latvian “new wave” band “19 years before the beginning” and the “Cybernetic industrial hip-hop” duo Kinlaw & Franco Franco, described in their own words, will also be performed.

Australian-born electronic musician Oren Ambarchi will perform tonight with his wife, sound artist Crys Cole. also highlights the most nuanced, filigree and restrained approaches from his distinctly diverse palette of musical regimes.

The platform at the SHAPE festival will be represented by Jay Glass Dubs, a US-born Greek electronic music producer whose work focuses on playing dub music conventions, with a special emphasis on its “naked” form, in which it consists only of rhythm beats, bass, vocals and effects. Jay Glass Dubs’ album “Epitaph” was included in the list of the fifty best music tracks of 2019 compiled by the magazine “The Wire”.

On the evening of October 10, the inter-genre avant-garde music project KTL will return to “Skaņu mežs”, featuring Stephen O’Mally, guitarist of the group “Sunn 0))) and computer music composer, Peter Rebergs (Peter Rehberg). The project was founded to create the soundtrack for director and choreographer Gisčle Vienne’s “Kindertotenlieder” and combined elements of avant-garde metal and so-called “extreme computer music”, but the duo’s music has since violated this genre dichotomy.

Free improvisation from an unexpected perspective will be represented by American percussionist and electronic musician Jason Kahn, who lives in Switzerland. Kahn is known as one of the most persistent proponents of quiet and restrained improvisational improvisation, but in a number of recent recordings he has unexpectedly begun experimenting with more impulsive and expressive sound – intense drumming and intuitive, dadaist vocals.

Experimental pop music will be performed at the concert by London-based American singer and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Paul. The musicians will be accompanied on the stage by free improvisation double bassist Otto Willberg.

The guest of honor at the festival will be the Austrian trombonist and composer Radu Malfatti.

Critic Jeff Orens writes of Malfati: “Radu Malfati is one of the leaders in the movement that is radicalizing avant-garde music again.

The closing concert evening of the festival will also feature home music projects “Clausthome” (in collaboration with artist Mārtiņš Ratnik) and “+ K + M + B”. Clausthome is a two-person project that was started at the turn of the century as a musical interpretation of the noise / industrial music subculture. The project started with an interest in sound synthesis and radio waves and over time focused on self-created sound and modified video players, radio transmitters, receivers and synthesizers to reproduce elements of research and imagination more personally. Mārtiņš Ratniks works in the fields of media art and graphic design. He is a member of the New Media Culture Center “RIXC”, as well as one of the members of the artist group “F5” (“Famous Five”) and a lecturer in the Visual Communication Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. He has been cooperating with the group “Clausthome” for more than ten years. Clausthome and Ratnik will perform on Entropik Archive, which is described as “the study of volatile life elements and signal disturbances.”

“+ K + M + B” is a dark electronic music project by Kristian Brekte, Modra Svilāns and Māris Butlers. The musicians themselves call this project an association of mystics and present themselves with the following words: “Karl Strauberg has books on Latvian spells, which died and passed on to the next generation and were secret so that their disclosure would not deprive the narrator of their power. Now these books have fallen into the hands of another generation, “+ K + M + B”. These men in masks turn everything they touch into sounds, and no man, beast or tree that happens to be at their fingertips knows whether they will just fall under the influence of paranormal phenomena and sounds on a nice day. “

The organizers of the festival pointed out that the “Sound Forest” program mostly includes foreign artists, and asked the visitors to understand that the program could be changed due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.

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