UN, Maduro responsible for crimes against humanity – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – GENEVA, SEPTEMBER 16 – President Nicolas Maduro and leading members of his government are responsible for crimes against humanity in Venezuela. The UN investigation team said this in its first report, talking about systematic use of torture and murder since 2014.

UN investigators have “good reasons to believe that the president”, as well as the interior and defense ministers, “ordered or helped order the crimes established”, explains in a note Marta Valinas, who leads the team created a year ago by the UN Council for Human Rights.

Some of these crimes, “including arbitrary killings and the systematic use of torture, fall within crimes against humanity,” he said. “These acts are far from isolated, these crimes were coordinated and committed in the name of state directives with full knowledge of the facts and with the direct support of senior officials and senior government officials,” continues the 411-page report. Investigators called on Venezuelan authorities to immediately conduct “independent, impartial and transparent investigations”. The report also believes that other bodies, including the International Criminal Court, “should also consider legal action against those responsible for these violations and crimes identified by the mission,” Valinas said. The UN team, which was able to visit Venezuela, based the results of its report on 274 remote interviews with victims, witnesses, former state officials and others, and analyzes of confidential documents, including legal case files. (HANDLE).



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