UN Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution Condemning Coup In Myanmar

▲ Myanmar people protesting

The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the 12th local time condemning the coup caused by the Myanmar military.

At a special meeting held at the United Nations Office in Geneva, the 47 members adopted a resolution promptly and unconditionally freeing all persons detained as a consensus, calling for the restoration of the elected government by voting. I did.

Prior to the adoption of the resolution, Nada al-Nasif, deputy head of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, criticized at the meeting that “the military’s seizure of power has seriously impeded the transition to a democracy that Myanmar has won hard.

The European Union, which submitted the resolution, said, “Illegal seizure of power has suddenly turned the clock back on Myanmar’s history.” The US, which recently declared a return to the Human Rights Council, “must hold the people involved in the coup including sanctions to account. “I do,” he raised his voice.

This special meeting of the Human Rights Council is in response to a request from the UK and the EU on the 8th to discuss the human rights situation in Myanmar after the coup.

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