Umi Pipik is outspoken about Uje Polygamy, Post Sunu’s Ex-Wife Becomes a Spotlight


Recently, Umi Pipik revealed that Ustaz Jefri Al Buchory (Uje), had practiced polygamy during his lifetime, Mother. He admitted that he was sincere about this and said he did not want to spit it out beforehand.

After this confession, the ex-wife of Sunu Matta Band, Suci, seemed to write something in a post on her Instagram. It is known, he wrote about sincerity, was silent, if there was an uproar here and there it was an advertisement.

Not only that, Suci also admitted that she was shocked by the number of messages that entered her Instagram DM. In the messages delivered, most of them asked about someone he mentioned earlier.

However, the Holy One chose not to answer that question at all. He refused to explain who the figure he meant was.

I was shocked because there were many dm and mention of the statement ‘someone’ … Jd gemes !!! because I feel annoyed again … not because of the statement yaaaa ,,, but because of the result of that statement there are so many different kinds of dm that come to me like mixed ice … just like this … if indeed “LET PEOPLE TAU WAS HAPPY ONLY “… why are you being spared now ??? Sincerely what ad ??? Let what try ??? Let there be a defense like that ??? Hadeuhhhhhhh can’t just think ckckck,“wrote Suci on his Instagram.


Mother, also see the story of Miss Indonesia 2006 Kristania Besouw who divorced at a young age, in the video Intimate Interview following:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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