UMCG study: greater risk of corona patient dying during surgery

Patients infected with the coronavirus who need regular surgery have a nearly four times higher risk of dying than those who need surgery who do not have the virus.

This is evident from a large-scale study led by the UMCG, in which 24 Dutch healthcare institutions took part. ‘This information is extremely important for surgeons and patients when making choices within plannable care’, says UMCG surgeon and research leader Schelto Kruijff.

More than 500 patients

‘Sometimes surgery is necessary and there is no choice. But if there are alternatives to an operation or if it is possible to postpone the operation, it is important to be able to make that choice based on the exact dates and risks. ‘

The research was conducted on the basis of data from more than 500 patients who had undergone surgery in one of the participating Dutch hospitals in recent months. To this end, information about the patients, the type of surgery and the outcomes was collected.

Mortality rate 16 percent

By taking a test before surgery, it was determined whether a patient was infected with corona. At the same time, a large control group was deliberately created with patients who were proven non-infected in order to be able to make a good comparison of the risk.

In the group of patients with COVID-19, the mortality rate was 16 percent, compared to 4 percent in the non-infected control group. There were also more complications after the operation in the group of patients infected with the new corona virus.

First wave operations analysis

The national research group is now going to analyze the exact consequences of the delay of treatments and operations during the first wave. Now that we have arrived in the second wave, it is important to understand this as soon as possible. Research is being done on this in collaboration with the Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing.

The first results are expected in mid-November.

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