Ulsan Intercopbal confirmed 2 additional patients, cumulative 160 people… 853 people in total (total)

BTJ Heating Center located at the foot of Bonghwangsan Mountain, Sangsang-ri, Hwaseo-myeon, Sangju-si, Gyeongbuk. Of the 2,800 believers who have visited this place until recently, 505 people in 9 cities and provinces nationwide have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). have. January 11, 2021/News1 © News1 Reporter Jeong Sik

On the evening of the 13th, 3 people (Ulsan 851~853) were added in Ulsan, including 2 confirmed cases related to Intercop, and the total number of new confirmed cases per day (Ulsan 845~853) was 853.

Of the three confirmed cases added this evening, Ulsan 851 (Buk-gu, 40s) and Ulsan 852 (Buk-gu, teens) are the father and younger brother of Ulsan 648, respectively. These are all confirmed cases related to the Intercopbal Buk-gu Seero Church.

Ulsan 847 (Jung-gu, teens) and Ulsan 849 (Dong-gu, 60s), which were confirmed this morning, are also confirmed by Intercopbal.

Ulsan 847 is the son of Ulsan 674, the 2nd Ulsan Church related to Intercorp, and Ulsan 849 is the contact of Ulsan 725, which was confirmed after visiting the Sangju BTJ Nation Center. As a result, the number of confirmed patients in Intercop-related areas increased to 160.

Ulsan 845 (Buk-gu, 40s), Ulsan 846 (Jung-gu, teens), and Ulsan 853 (Jung-gu, 20s) are cases of infection between individuals due to contact with an existing confirmed person.

Ulsan 845 is the son of Ulsan 832, and Ulsan 846 is the son of Ulsan 844. Ulsan 853 is a co-worker of Ulsan 781, and the route of infection of Ulsan 781 is under investigation.

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Amid the number of corona19 confirmed cases from Jinju International Prayer Center in Gyeongsangnam-do, two people in Ulsan (Ulsan 838, 848) have been confirmed.

On the morning of the 13th, Ulsan 848 (Jung-gu, 50s) contacted Namyangju 838 at the Jinju International Prayer Center on the 8th.

Ulsan 838 (Buk-gu, 70s), confirmed on the 12th, was also in contact with Namyangju 838 at the Jinju International Prayer Center on the 4th. To date, there have been two cumulative confirmed cases from Jinju International Prayer Center.

The city issued Administrative Measure No. 38 on that day and ordered that visitors to the prayer hall from December 27 to January 10 last year to undergo diagnostic tests by 6 pm on the 17th.

An overseas inflow case was also added. Ulsan 850 (Dong-gu, 40s) was tested on the 12th and confirmed on the 13th after entering the United States.

On this day, one confirmed male in their 80s (Ulsan 292) died, and the cumulative death toll increased to 34.

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