Ulsan City-Hydrogen Industry Association, “The 2nd Ulsan International Hydrogen Energy Forum” was held.

[월간수소경제 박상우 기자] The Metropolitan City of Ulsan and the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association held the “2nd Ulsan International Hydrogen Energy Forum” on November 30 at UECO Ulsan to share domestic and foreign technology trends and policies in hydrogen industry and to promote the establishment of a hydrogen economy ecosystem in Korea held

This event, which was held for the second time after the “1st Ulsan International Hydrogen Energy Forum” in 2021, is a place to discuss advanced technologies at home and abroad and the direction of the hydrogen industry. hydrogen industry workers.

The event consisted of △current and perspective of the hydrogen economy△two sessions for the full cycle of the hydrogen industry, each of which consisted of presentations and roundtable discussions from domestic and foreign governments, institutions and companies.

During the participation of various domestic and foreign experts, foreign speakers from six countries, including France, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, and domestic speakers representing the Korean hydrogen industry, such as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the Korean Energy Agency, Hyundai Motor Company and POSCO, etc. they participated and presented various topics in each session.

Additionally, there was also a venue during the event to present a commendation to a person of merit to inspire pride in the hydrogen industry.

The commendation of the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy is for △Daesung Energy, which has contributed to the establishment of hydrogen charging stations in the private sector and the revitalization of hydrogen car supply, each of which has won an award.

As for the commendation of the mayor of Ulsan, Kyungdong E&S received a company commendation, KOBIZ research center director Wang Gwang-ik, Aprotium Park manager Dae-yoon and Wonjin Hitech director Kim Sang-geun have each received an individual commendation.

The Korea Hydrogen Industry Association presented a plaque of merit to △Bumhan Fuel Cell △Head Jo Ji-hoon of the Energy Technology Examination Department at the Korean Intellectual Property Office for leading the development of the hydrogen industry. On this day, Ulsan City and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning also held a trade agreement ceremony to lead the global hydrogen economy and make joint efforts to innovate the hydrogen mobility sector.

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