Ukrainians will be transferred to new gas tariffs, the rules will be changed: what decision did they make

The National Commission for Energy and Utilities (NEURCU) has approved new rules for calculating gas tariffs. Suppliers were obliged to publish proposals for a year, and the Ukrainians were given the opportunity to conclude new contracts in May.

Read about what to expect from the new solution in the material OBOZREVATEL.

What tariff will the Ukrainians be transferred to?

The annual tariff allows you to sell blue fuel at an average fixed price for 12 months and this will reduce winter fluctuations. Prices for a year were in effect last year as well, but not all suppliers offered them and Ukrainians, without understanding, rarely switched to new conditions.

The problem is that the annual tariff in Ukraine will be introduced in May, although it is profitable to do this in the summer. In summer, the cost of gas can be several times lower than in the heating season.

Why did you change the rules?

“The adoption of the draft decree will allow household consumers to receive gas during the year at a fixed price, which will operate from May 1 of this year to April 31 of the next year,” the document says.

What if I don’t want an annual rate?

Optionally, you can switch to the monthly rate that was in effect last year. The market rules will remain: you can switch from an annual to a monthly rate or change your supplier at any time.

How much will gas cost?

Expert of the Ukrainian Energy Association Valentin Zemlyansky believes that the cost of a cubic meter will be about 8 UAH per cubic meter. “Against the background of fairly high prices, it is highly likely that the price of the annual gas contract, to which the Ukrainians are to switch from May 1, like the price of April, will be at the level of 8 or more hryvnias per cubic meter,” Zemlyansky writes. in the publication on the official page of the organization in Facebook.

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The coordinator of housing programs agrees with this opinion “Supports” Tatiana Boyko, such a decision could harm the Ukrainians. Usually, cheap gas appears on the market closer to summer. If you allow suppliers to publish their annual offer not in April, but after the “low” season, then the price can be significantly lower.

As previously wrote OBOZREVATEL, in Ukraine, from April 1, 2021, gas suppliers can set any prices for blue fuel without restriction of the Cabinet of Ministers. As a result several companies have decided to raise the tariff from 6.99 to 8.25-8.85 UAH per cubic meter.

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