Ukrainians were allowed to pay less for electricity due to constant blackouts: what is needed for this

A new calculation mechanism has been developed due to planned and emergency power outages.

Ukrainians have changed the rules for calculating amounts in electricity payments due to frequent and long blackouts. Now, if the meter readings are not transmitted on time, electricity charges will be made not according to consumption standards, but taking into account the reduction factor. This is stated in Decree no. 1603 “On the amendments to the resolution of the NEURC of 20 April 2022 n. 393” National Energy and Utilities Commission (NKREKU).

Thus, the reduction factor should take into account the period when there was no electricity in the homes of Ukrainians. The longer there is no light, the higher the coefficient, respectively, the amount of revenue for light will be less. But only for those Ukrainians which failed to send meter readings in time. The rest will pay according to the meter reading.

“In relation to emergency and stabilization stops, objectively situations arise in which it is technically impossible to transmit the meter readings, while a decrease in average daily consumption volumes is expected”, reads the resolution adopted.

Distribution system operators must also notify NEURC by the 25th calendar day of the month following the billing month of the applied reduction factor for changes in electricity consumption when calculating the volume of electricity supplied to the grid.

NEURC approved the fare increase in 2023

A little less than a month ago, NEURC approved draft resolutions on the approval of new tariffs by NPC Ukrenergo for electricity transmission and dispatching:

  • an increase in the transmission tariff to UAH 522.46/MWh was approved (for comparison, in 2022 it was UAH 345.64/MWh);
  • dispatching tariff increased to UAH 283.18/MWh (in the current year it was UAH 62.13/MWh);
  • for companies belonging to the green electrometallurgy category, the transmission tariff for the following year was agreed at UAH 286.29/MWh. In 2022 there was no such tariff.

Recall that on December 5, Russia pledged massive bombing Ukrainian territory. Explosions sounded in Odessa, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Krivoy Rog and the Kiev region. As a result of the attack on the Zaporozhye region, two people were killed. Three people were injured, including a small child.

Previously Focus figured out how they can do it in Ukraine raise gas and electricity prices. Compared to EU countries, Ukraine has fixed tariffs for citizens for gas, water and electricity.

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