Ukrainians began to receive COVID certificates –


Ukrainians have already received almost 300 thousand COVID certificates

Almost 300 thousand people issued Ukrainian COVID certificates in the Diya application in a week.

Ukrainians began to actively issue COVID certificates in the Diya application. How reported the head of the Ministry of Digital Industry Mikhail Fedorov, on Friday, August 27, almost 300 thousand certificates were generated.

“Let me remind you that everyone who has received 2 doses of the vaccine and has an ID-passport and / or biometric passport can generate a signature through the application and receive certificates,” Fedorov said.

He also recalled that to generate a certificate, you need an electronic signature Diya.Pidpis.

“We are now working to make it possible to generate a certificate on the Diya portal using other types of electronic signatures,” the minister added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Science told how to get a COVID certificate in the Action application.

Recall a week ago in EU approved Ukrainian COVID certificate.

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