Ukrainian President Zelensky Explains Reasons For Not Being Able To Expel Russia


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that victory over Russia had to be won. However, Zelensky revealed that his goal was constrained by the low level of Ukrainian war equipment.

As reported by AFP, Wednesday (06/08/2022), Zelenky acknowledged that Ukraine’s fierce resistance to Russia’s all-out invasion of its neighbor had led to a stalemate in some parts of Ukraine. Even so, he emphasized that victory must still be achieved.

“Victory must be won on the battlefield”, he said, repeating his call for Western military support.

Zelensky reveals the reason Ukraine So far, no progress has been made. He revealed it was due to Ukrainian war equipment being inferior to Russia’s.

“Victory must be won on the battlefield,” he said, repeating his call for Western military support.

“We were inferior in terms of equipment and because of that we were not able to advance,” he told the newspaper.

Zelenky also said Ukraine would suffer more losses if the visit did not get help from the West. “We will suffer more losses and people are my priority.”

Furthermore, when asked what Ukraine considered a victory, Zelensky said restoring the Ukrainian-controlled border would be a “serious temporary victory”.

But he said his main goal was to drive Russia out of the country.

“Complete cessation of occupation of our entire territory,” he said.

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