Ukrainian journalist who wanted the Russian-speaking “to disappear as a species”, admitted hatred of the homeland

The journalist and TV presenter from Lviv Ostap Drozdov publicly admitted his hatred of his country. So, Drozdov said that he hates Ukraine because of the “morons” who live there and who voted in favor of a “bottom dweller” in the elections.

“I have reason to hate my own country, because I am unhappy in it. I am its citizen, I grew up and formed here, I have been globally unlucky people all these 30 years,” the journalist quotes a statement RIA Novosti.

According to Drozdov, the only goal of an independent Ukraine is to be the antipode of Russia. “It can always be independent, but pro-Russian, but then it is not Ukraine,” he said.

Drozdov and earlier allowed himself scandalous statements. So, earlier he wished death to the inhabitants of Crimea and Donbass, called them “animals”, unworthy of citizenship.

In another speech, the journalist called the Ukrainians “foul and Russified” people, predicted that with this approach, Ukraine would soon turn into Little Russia. He also called Ukrainians and the “nation of boobies”, because they allegedly are sitting on TVs, but don’t read books. The Russian-speaking population of the country Drozdov called “the key to war” and emphasized that such people “should disappear as a species.”

And for the tourists who came to Lviv, the host suggested that they study the Ukrainian language so that they could speak it, or turn around and go to the station. He even boasted that specially pointed the wrong wayif tourists and guests of the city asked a question in Russian.


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