Ukrainian Armed Forces adopted MLRS Verba


Ukrainian Armed Forces adopted MLRS Verba

Verba allows the crew to control fire, aim and reload in automatic mode. In this case, the shells can destroy targets at a distance of up to 40 km.

Multiple launch rocket system Verba, developed by the Kharkov Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering named after V.I. A.A. Morozov (KMDB), adopted by the Ukrainian army. About it informs state concern Ukroboronprom on Wednesday, September 15.

“Verba’s digital systems allow the crew to control fire, aim and even reload in automatic mode. The ammunition load of this MLRS consists of 40 122-mm rockets, which are capable of destroying targets at a distance of up to 40 km. But reloading a full package takes only 10 minutes. “, – said in the message.

The use of digital fire control systems made it possible to significantly reduce the time for opening fire, and thanks to the new platform stabilization system, it was possible to significantly improve accuracy.

“In addition, modern digital communication systems have been installed on Verba for secure transmission of information. In combination with the highly passable chassis from KrAZ, this provides Verba’s high combat effectiveness and mobility on the battlefield,” the Ukroboronprom added.

As explained in the state concern, Verba was developed on the basis of the combat BM-21 Grad, but the launcher received a number of improvements, in particular, navigation, communication, leveling and platform stabilization systems.

Recall that earlier APU adopted the Phoenix-1 detection station… Phoenix-1 will be seen through the eyes of air defense divisions, which are armed with Buk-M1 complexes and units of radio technical troops.

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