Ukraine’s Counteroffensive: Boosting Morale and Strikes on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive: Boosting Morale and Strikes on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

The morale of the Ukrainian army was reduced by the destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Photo/Reuters

MOSCOW – Once at rock bottom, military Ukraine is now getting a moment of revival as Friday’s attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet base in Crimea was an important step to boost the morale of Ukraine’s armed forces.

Oleksandr Tarnavsky, the Ukrainian general leading the counteroffensive on the country’s southern front, said recent attacks on Russian Black Sea Fleet ships and facilities were crucial to Kyiv’s counteroffensive strategy.

“This helps us, but also gives us hope for the future,” he said CNN.

Tarnavsky said the attack that hit Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters on Friday was the latest in a series of attacks all orchestrated as part of a sophisticated multi-domain counteroffensive. It aims to make Crimea “untenable” for Russia, as experts have previously said.

Later, Ukraine’s spy chief Kyrylo Budanov reported that two top Russian leaders were “seriously injured” in the attack, and videos shared online showed thick smoke coming from Sevastopol buildings.

Budanov hinted that Ukraine has plans to retake the occupied Crimean peninsula in an interview with The War Zone, published on Saturday.

This week, the Black Sea Fleet also suffered an attack on one of its naval infantry brigades, which was deemed “combat ineffective” for the second time since the start of the war. This was revealed by the US think tank, Institute for the Study of War.

“Successful offensive operations are not only about destroying the enemy in front of you, but also about destroying places of concentration of equipment, personnel and especially destroying command centers,” Tarnavsky said in an interview with CNN.

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