Ukraine will not advance on the territory of the Russian Federation – MOU

Photo: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukraine is fighting for its territories, not invading Russia

Ukraine is waging a defensive war and is only returning its territories, the Ministry of Defense recalled.

Ukraine will not attack the territory of Russia, he has declared Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar on Friday 23 September.

“Our task is to liberate our territories, we are not aggressors, not invaders, we are waging a defensive war, within which there can be offensive actions, we have seen it. By the way, if we talk about liberation of part of the Kharkiv region , the Ukrainian army carried out such an offensive for the first time “, this is unique, because we have always prepared for defense, we would not attack anyone. Now our doctrine is that we are waging a defensive war, so we will not attack other people’s territories, we are returning ours, ”Malyar said.

He added that Ukraine adheres to all norms of international law.

“We are not Russians, this has to be clearly understood. And no matter how we joke about these topics, these are really the number one topics for folklore now: how and where we will celebrate victory. But if we seriously talk about these things, Ukraine it adheres to all the norms of international law and we guarantee, on our part, that we respect them, “said Malyar.

The deputy minister noted that “there are several ways to influence the reduction of the life of this empire”.

As you know, in Russia they threaten him later pseudo referendum in the occupied territories and “uniting” them with the Russian Federation will consider the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces an attack on their territory.

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