Ukraine will admit international organizations to the Russian Kosyak detained in Donbass so that everyone can see whom the Russian Federation is sending to fight / GORDON

A jamb as part of a group of armed persons with armbands of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Ceasefire and Stabilization of the Line of Delimitation of the Parties (JCCC), under the guise of demining, carried out reconnaissance of the abandoned positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), the Ukrainian delegation reported in the trilateral contact group ( TCG) on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass.

“Ukraine is ready to provide international organizations, in particular the International Committee of the Red Cross, with admission to a member of the armed formation of the Russian Federation Andrei Kosyak. The international community must see whom Russia is sending to fight against the Ukrainian people,” Nikolenko said.

He noted that the detention of Kosyak and his documented participation in hostilities in Donbass once again illustrates the responsibility of the Russian Federation for the conduct of an international armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also instructed the embassies abroad to inform foreign governments in detail about the evidence of Russian aggression and Russia’s gross violations of the leaders’ agreements. of the Norman format“, – stressed Nikolenko.


In 2014, Russia occupied Crimea and launched an armed aggression in eastern Ukraine. The fighting is between the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the one hand and the Russian army and Russian-backed militants who control parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions on the other. Officially, the Russian Federation does not recognize its invasion of Ukraine, despite the facts and evidence presented by Ukraine.

On October 13, 2021, the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG for the settlement of the conflict reported that the operational group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine detained a jamb in the Donbass… He received a Russian passport in February 2021 in the Rostov region, said Aleksey Arestovich, speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG.

Weapons and ammunition were seized from Kosyak. The Ukrainian delegation to the TCG also published a photo of his “military ID” issued by the “LPR” militants.

According to the editor-in-chief of the “Censor.NET” publication Yuri Butusov, video was found in Jamb’s phoneas he, as part of a mortar crew, in violation of the ceasefire, fires at Ukrainian positions in the Zolote region. Thus, the Cant under the guise of the JCCC documents conducted reconnaissance to calculate new targets for shelling, Butusov noted.

In addition, after the arrest, it turned out that Kosyak, a native of Alchevsk, committed a premeditated murder in 2010 as a citizen of Ukraine, the SBU noted.

The “LPR” terrorists claim that Kosyak, as a “representative of the JCCC”, was a member of the demining group. The Ukrainian side insists that the detainee was engaged in intelligence under the guise of humanitarian activities.

18 october the court in Ukraine arrested Kosyak… Cant was handed suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (participation in illegal armed groups).

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation called “provocation” the detention of a Russian citizen Kosyak, urging him to reveal his location and admit the Russian consul to him.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Russian diplomats will have access to the Jamb. The head of the department, Dmitry Kuleba, noted that the statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding Kosyak “are undoubtedly an admission that Russia in various forms, in this case in the form of a citizen of the Russian Federation, participates and is the only party to the international armed conflict.”



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