Ukraine warns of a possible Russian attack in late January

As tensions continue to rise, caused by Russia troop concentration at Ukraine borders, Kiev warned on Friday that Moscow could launch a large – scale attack in January.

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The United States and its allies have been worrying for weeks about the concentration of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders, expressing concern that the Kremlin is planning an invasion of a neighboring country.

“The most likely moment to reach readiness for escalation will be the end of January,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said.

Addressing members of parliament, Reznikov noted that Ukrainian intelligence services are analyzing all possible scenarios.

“There is a possibility of a large-scale escalation on the part of Russia,” the minister acknowledged.

He added that the “winter training period” had begun and that Russia had already begun military maneuvers near Ukraine’s borders.

According to his estimates at the borders of Ukraine, the occupied Crimea On the peninsula and in the territories of eastern Ukraine controlled by Moscow-backed militant gangs, about 100,000 Russian troops are currently concentrated.

As the United States said this week, it had “evidence” that Russia was planning an invasion of Ukraine. Washington has warned Moscow that it will face serious consequences if it resumes hostilities.

Russia, meanwhile, has denied the allegations, calling them “hysteria.”

Reznikov, on the other hand, pointed out that the “escalation” was a “plausible scenario”.

He stressed that Ukraine and its allies must make the price of a possible attack “unacceptable to the aggressor”.

The Minister reiterated that Kiev is looking for a “political-diplomatic solution” in its relations with Russia and that it is not engaged in “military provocations”.


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