Ukraine Unveils Comprehensive Strategy to “Free” Crimea: Ambitious Plans Revealed

12 steps will be taken to de-occupy the peninsula, Zelensky’s advisor Alexey Danilov wrote on his Facebook page

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, explained in detail what the Ukrainian forces will do to liberate Crimea, which is temporarily occupied by the Russians, UNIAN news agency reported.

12 steps will be taken to de-occupy the peninsula, Danilov wrote on his Facebook page. He noted that the first step is to discuss the issue of placing the monument “The Russian warship goes to m…” in Crimea.

The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council described a second step – work is being done on a lustration mechanism for personal evaluation, thanks to which the degree of sympathy of a given person in support of the occupiers will be determined, which foresees in particular – limiting the right to participate in elections- to run and vote.

In addition, Ukrainian civil servants who have started working for the enemy will be brought to justice. They will be subject to criminal liability or deprivation of state pensions and the opportunity to work in state agencies.

Russia or any other formation that will claim inheritance guarantees the unconditional and full extradition of all persons suspected of treason and other crimes – both citizens of Ukraine and citizens of Russia, involved in war crimes that were committed on the territory of our country in general and Crimea in particular”, is the next step indicated by Danilov.

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The idea also provides that “propagandists-supporters of the Russian Federation are threatened with prison, pensions, titles and property”.

“Russians who illegally came to live in Crimea after the occupation will be forced to leave the peninsula within a period specified by law,” he wrote. Danilov emphasizes that the property appropriated by the occupiers will be returned to the rightful owners.

“The transport transition in the city of Kerch of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is being dismantled to ensure full freedom of navigation as part of the compensation program. A comprehensive program is being implemented to neutralize the consequences of the effect of Russian propaganda on the public consciousness of part of the population of the peninsula” , provide next steps.

It is planned to create a documentary base of the facts about the crimes of the Russians against the Ukrainians. Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar activities will be restored in their rights. In addition, political prisoners of the Russian Federation will be immediately released and compensation for moral damages will be paid to them.

“Given the place and role in the ideology of fascism, the system of negative peacemaking and rewriting history, the so-called “city of Russian glory” should be renamed “Object number 6.

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