Ukraine is a “world leader”, President Zelensky addresses the parliament | Reuters

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech to parliament on Thursday that Ukraine is a “world leader” and urged lawmakers to stand united in the face of Russian aggression. Image provided (Reuters 2022)

[キーウ 28日 ロイター] – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called Ukraine a “world leader” in his speech to parliament on Thursday and urged lawmakers to stand united in the face of Russian aggression.

“Thanks to our unity, we have achieved what hardly anyone in the world except us believed,” he said in his 45-minute speech. “Our national colors are today an international symbol of courage and fortitude around the world,” she said.

He also expressed his thoughts on national reconstruction, including the decentralization of the energy system and the response to environmental problems.

Zelensky thanked Western countries for the supply of weapons and said that Ukraine will create a strong defense industry which “will become one of the strongest in Europe and in the world”.

He also revealed that Ukraine will have more than 30,000 devices for Starlink, a satellite-based internet connection service from SpaceX, a space development company led by US entrepreneur Elon Musk. The device has become essential for maintaining internet access in areas hit hard by Russian airstrikes.

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