Ukraine excludes ceasefire and territorial concessions to Russia / Day

He noted that Ukraine’s position was becoming increasingly steadfast, and stressed that the concessions would have a negative impact on Ukraine, as Russia would attack even more viciously after any cessation of hostilities.

“War [pēc kaut kādas piekāpšanās] will not end. In time, the Russians will replenish their weapons, the number of soldiers and work on their mistakes, modernize a little, and dismiss many generals (..). And they will start a new offensive, even bloodier and more voluminous, “says Podolak.

He rejected as “very strange” calls in the West for an urgent ceasefire involving Russian forces in the territories they had occupied in the south and east of Ukraine.

“Russian forces must leave the country and then the peace process can resume,” Podolak said.

It would be good if European and US politicians understood that Russia could not be left halfway, because a revanchist mood would flourish and it would become more and more cruel, Podolak said.

“They have to be defeated, they have to be defeated,” Podolak said.

Last week, he announced that Ukraine’s talks with Russia had been suspended until Russia was able to assess the situation objectively.

“Unlike us, in the days of the war, they did not understand that the situation in Ukraine was not what it was at the beginning, they continue to blackmail, they are expressing some positions in public. They have some claims against Ukraine all the time, they live in a world where “It is already known in the world that there is only one type of Nazism today – Russia. It seems that it will take some time for us to take this problem more seriously.

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The process is suspended, but that does not mean that the parties will not sit down at the negotiating table in the end.

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