Ukraine admits big defeat, the city of Liman is captured by Russia


Russian troops stand guard in the city that has been captured from the Ukrainian army. Foto/

KIEV – Russian troops take control of the city of Liman in the northern Donetsk region. The recognition was revealed by the Ukrainian government in Kiev on Thursday night (26/5/2022).

Ukrainian troops are reported to have been pulled west-southwest towards Slavyansk.

“We have lost the city of Liman,” Alexey Arestovich, a top adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, admitted in a live broadcast on Thursday.

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Although Arestovich cited “unconfirmed reports,” Russian military correspondent Alexander Kots posted a video of Russian troops in the city shortly afterward, with the caption “Liman is ours.”

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“Ukrainian troops fled to the west and southwest while covering their retreat with artillery fire,” Kots said, according to

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The Liman raid lasted less than a week, with Russian troops entering the city on May 23.

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