UK Parliament Discusses Petition Calling for a Repeated Euro 2020 Final?


Still a question final Euro 2020 Italy vs England, which also gave rise to a petition asking for the top party to be repeated. It is possible that this petition will be discussed by the British parliament.

England were beaten by Italy in the final of Euro 2020, when the two faced off at Wembley Stadium which is the headquarters of the Three Lions squad.

England started the game with a promise through Luke Shaw’s quick goal. But Italy then replied in the second half through Leonardo Bonucci’s goal. The penalty shootout then became the climax of the Euro 2020 final Italy vs England.

In the penalty shootout, England had to bow down sluggishly because they lost to their opponent. Italy wins Euro 2020.

This has given rise to discontent, particularly among England supporters. To the extent that someone initiated a petition on, requesting that final Euro 2020 Italy vs England this is repeated.

One of the incidents that prompted the birth of this petition was the disappointment with the behavior of the Italian players, in particular the pull of Giorgio Chiellini which made Bukayo Saka down. This incident is considered to be a red card.

Sharon Guilmen, the initiator of the petition, claimed that the match was one-sided due to the referee. “The match on 11/07/2021 was not fair at all after Italy only received a yellow card for pulling English players as slaves,” the petition reads.

As of today, Sunday (18/7), the petition has been signed virtually by nearly 150 thousand people. To be precise, in the range of 140 thousand.

Summarize and Caughtoffside, it raises the possibility that the petition will enter the UK parliamentary discussion table. According to UK regulations, any petition that gets more than 100,000 signatures is ‘almost always’ for parliament.

Even if it is later discussed by parliament, it is very unlikely that the petition’s mission will be realized. Moreover, the British parliament also has no authority in matters final Euro 2020 Italy vs England.

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