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UK Girl Misdiagnosed 30 Times Before Brain Tumor was Uncovered: A Story of Medical Negligence

UK Girl Misdiagnosed 30 Times Before Real Cause Of Her Headaches Was Uncovered: A Brain Tumour

The girl was operated on over 10 hours and the benign tumour was removed.


An 11-year-old girl from Northampton, UK, suffered from headaches for three years, was misdiagnosed 30 times, and finally diagnosed with a brain tumour. Despite being assessed multiple times, doctors failed to identify the tumour, instead attributing her symptoms to migraines and stomach bugs. This news comes from a reputable source and sheds light on the challenges faced by patients with neurological conditions.

Extended Details

According to a report by our respected news source, Tia Gordon began experiencing sickness during the Covid lockdown in March 2020. Over time, her headaches worsened and she vomited every day between November 2023 to January 2024. Despite numerous visits to the doctors, none of them recognized the presence of a 3.5cm brain tumour, which was later identified as a pilocytic astrocytoma, the most common type of childhood brain tumour.

Instead of considering the possibility of a tumour, doctors attributed Tia’s symptoms to migraines and recommended paracetamol. As her condition deteriorated, additional symptoms such as a stiff neck and balance issues emerged. It was only when she started experiencing walking difficulties that she was admitted to the hospital for further evaluation.

Delayed Diagnosis and Mothers’ Struggle

Tia’s mother, Imogen Darby, expressed her frustration and the difficulties she faced in getting proper care for her daughter. She recounted numerous consultations, including emergency visits and calls to helplines. Despite her efforts, Tia was denied MRI scans and was only provided with a glasses prescription change despite the non-resolving symptoms. It took Tia’s inability to walk for the medical team to acknowledge the severity of her condition and provide the necessary care.

Current State and Road to Recovery

Following the ten-hour surgery to remove the benign tumour, Tia is actively involved in her recovery process. She is looking forward to resuming daily activities, such as reading and playing dodgeball. However, her journey towards full recovery involves ongoing MRI scans every three months, access to physiotherapy, and regular meetings with neurologists.

The Cancer Research UK indicates that approximately 175 children are diagnosed with astrocytoma each year in the UK, highlighting the significance of accurate and timely diagnosis.

Cameron Miller, director of external affairs and strategy at the Brain Tumour Charity, extended well wishes to Tia and expressed gratitude for her mother in sharing their story. Miller also emphasized the need for a National Brain Tumour Strategy to address such delayed diagnoses that are unfortunately more common than expected.


Stories like Tia’s highlight the importance of improved medical awareness and timely diagnosis. Addressing the challenges in diagnosing brain tumours, especially in children, is crucial for ensuring early treatment and better patient outcomes. It is our hope that the medical community and policymakers can highlight the urgent need for proactive strategies to address this issue.

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