UGM Virology Expert Called Covid-19 Vaccine Review Data Should Be Opened to the Public

Report from the Reporter of the Jogja Tribune, Maruti Asmaul Husna

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, YOGYA – In recent days, there have been petitions from netizens who refused vaccine Covid-19 is semi-finished and without data.

Virologist UGM, Dr. Muhamad Saifudin Hakim said that the petition circulating and busy in the community came from parties who questioned safety or security standards. vaccine Covid-19.

He explained that this emerged from the development of the issue so far regarding the discourse on receiving data collection vaccine and that narrative vaccineASI will start in November.

“Now, it is only natural that medical personnel or the general public are a little worried and anxious. Because in our logic, how could a vaccine have been used in November while the phase 3 clinical trial, including the one currently being carried out by friends at the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University, has not been completed, “he said in Kompas Talks entitled ‘Covid-19 Vaccine’, Saturday (24 / 10/2020).

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According to him, such as the recruitment of 1,600 clinical trial subjects vaccine just finished yesterday, then for follow-up it takes several months, say 6 months, meaning in November safety and efficacy vaccine we don’t have yet.

“Only phase one and two. So, in my view, it is natural for people to question how we want to discuss vaccine it’s November or December. Meanwhile, the phase 3 clinical trial has not yet been completed, “he explained.

He emphasized, related to the decision vaccine which one to use in Indonesia must be based on accountable safety and efficacy data.

This can only be seen when we have completed the third phase of clinical trials.

“We can only see that when we have completed clinical trials up to phase 3, so we know vaccine what percentage of effectiveness will be used, then what is the safety profile, “he added.

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