UGM Students Confess to be Beaten and Forced to Confess as Provocateurs Page all

YOGYAKARTA, – A student of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) with the initials ARN (20) admitted to experiencing violence while participating in a demonstration against the omnibus law of the Job Creation Law on Thursday (8/10/2020).

“I hit my head and face several times, until the butt of my glasses was broken,” said ARN in a written statement received by journalists on Sunday (11/10/2020).

In the written statement, UGM Director of Student Affairs, Suharyadi, was said to have visited ARN at Bhayangkara Hospital. Yogyakarta, Friday.

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At that time, the IV line and oxygen were still attached to the body of ARN.

He admitted that he still felt short of breath due to the kick.

His face was also bruised from being hit.

ARN said that when the demo was taking place, he arrived late.

He followed another friend who had walked from the UGM roundabout on a motorcycle.

ARN brought two boxes of drinking water to be distributed to colleagues.

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Furthermore, ARN was in the front row along with other demonstrators.

When he was right in front of the DPRD building, suddenly another riot occurred due to the authorities being provoked by the demonstrators.

“Four personnel were harassed by the masses, I’m sure high school or vocational school students. One personnel was provoked, by chance my position was right behind that personnel. Clashes and chaos started, I stepped back with the police, I entered the DPRD hall, ”said ARN.

While taking shelter, ARN was approached by one of the officers and began to be interrogated.

Shortly thereafter, he was taken with other demonstrators.

When the officers arrested him, his cellphone was confiscated.

ARN was taken to the top floor of the DPRD building for further interrogation while being beaten.

“I hit my head and face several times, until the butt of my glasses was broken,” he said.

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According to ARN, he was asked to admit to being the provocateur of the demonstration, because the police saw the contents of the conversation message about the demo from his cellphone.

“They think chat I was with this student for the provocation of the DPRD building demonstration, it became chaotic, “said ARN.

When visiting UGM Director of Student Affairs Suharyadi, ARN admitted that he was motivated to recover quickly and be able to return to activities.

“Pak Haryadi asked me to keep up the spirit and keep thinking positively. I want this problem to be resolved quickly and be able to go back to school, “he said.

Police response

When confirmed, the Yogyakarta Police Chief, Kombes Purwadi Wahyu Anggoro, denied that ARN was being beaten during the interrogation.

“Nothing. Those already at the Police have not been beaten, they are in the field,” said Purwadi when confirmed via text message on Sunday.

He also denied the information that ARN was forced by the authorities to admit to being a provocateur in a demonstration that ended in chaos in front of the DIY DPRD Building.

“Nothing, we are in accordance with the supporting evidence. Those that are not in accordance with legal facts, we will let go of them. It is not the time for people to confess,” he said.

Furthermore, Purwadi said, in interrogation, confession was not the main thing.

But, there is enough evidence and witnesses.

“Not even confessing that there are witnesses and enough evidence is sufficient,” said Purwadi.

Meanwhile, ARN was allowed to go home on Saturday night.

However, he will still be subject to compulsory reporting.

“Must report. But look at the health condition concerned,” said Purwadi.


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