Ugly scenes in Burgas, a woman with a Ukrainian flag attacked a child of a Russophile VIDEO

An ugly scene took place minutes ago in front of the Russian monument near the French High School, where Burgas celebrates the national holiday March 3, reports The flagshipbroadcasting the procession live in the city center.

Tensions escalated as the main group arrived at the Soviet monument erected in memory of Russian soldiers who lost their lives for Bulgaria’s freedom.

Then, two women – both Bulgarian but with different political views – got into a fight. One of them took out a Ukrainian flag, and the other held the Russian flag in his hands and was accompanied by a small child – a boy, apparently ten years old.

According to the lady with the Ukrainian flag, she was provoked by the other woman. She admits that she hit her and does not rule out that the child was slightly hit. But she said she was tempted by the woman to go and pull the Ukrainian flag out of her hands.

The other Russophile woman claimed to have been the victim of aggression. She came to honor the characters, but found herself in an awkward situation in which the boy suffered a blow.

The child was indeed very upset and crying inconsolably.

You can see what the grandmother of the injured boy says, the footage is in the 29th minute of the video.

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