UFC “Fighting Island” brilliantly slaughtered, Sendheigens triumphs in the main battle – Martial Arts – Sportacentrs.com

In the first round, 28-year-old Sendheigen and 32-year-old Morais exchanged low kicks and a series of blows, but the highlight of the fight came at the end of the first minute of the second round. The American made an excellent blow to the head and also managed to make several blows to the fallen Brazilian on the ground, forcing the referee to end the fight. Sendheigen fought in the previous fight in June, surrendering to Alidzheimer Stirling, but Morais defeated his compatriot José Alda in December with a divided decision.

Before the main battle, Edson Barboza, a 34-year-old Brazilian, and Makwan Amirhani, a 31-year-old Iranian-born and Finnish representative, went to the octagon. Barboza (21-9) celebrated the victory with the unanimous decision of the judges, who broke the three-loss series and, after failing against Habib Nurmagomedov, won only the second success in seven fights. Amirhani (16-5) was the second loss in three fights in 11 months.

A fantastic knockout was expected in the battle between 26-year-old Americas Impas Kasanganay and Joaquin Baclie, in which Baclie in the middle of the second round with a brilliant kick in the jump and turn caused the competitor’s first career loss. Casangane had started his career with eight wins in a row, but for Buckley it was the eleventh success in fourteen battles.


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