UEFA Nations League Schedule Tonight, Germany and Spain Main


There are a series of international matches tonight. Among them German national team and Spanish national team who play in the event UEFA Nations League 2020/2021.

Continued group phase matches UEFA Nations League 2020/2021 will be held again in the morning. The matches from Groups A to D will take place.

From Team A, namely the top teams, Germany and Spain will compete. The second victory was achieved by each team.

Previously, Germany beat Ukraine in the third matchday last weekend, with a score of 2-1. At the same time, Spain also won three points, beating Switzerland 1-0.

Furthermore, Germany will face Switzerland at RheinEnergieStadion, Cologne, Wednesday (14/10/2020) in the morning WIB. While Spain will travel to NSK Olimpiyskiy, Kiev.

From Group B, there is a match between Finland vs Ireland. The match will be held at 23.00 tonight.

Meanwhile from Group C, there are many matches. Among them are Azerbaijan vs Cyprus, Montenegro vs Luxembourg, and Lithuania vs Albania.

Then Group D matches were also held, including Latvia vs Malta and Liechtenstein vs San Marino.

The following is the schedule for the International Match Tonight, which can also be watched on Mola TV:

Tuesday (13/10/2020)
UEFA Nations League Grup C1
11.00 PM Azerbaijan vs Cyprus

UEFA Nations League Grup D1
11.00 PM Latvia vs Malta

Wednesday (14/10/2020) early morning WIB
UEFA Nations League Grup A4
01.45 WIB Germany vs Switzerland
01.45 WIB Ukraine vs Spain

UEFA Nations League Group B4
23.00 WIB Finland vs Ireland

UEFA Nations League Grup C1
01.45 WIB Montenegro vs Luxembourg

UEFA Nations League Grup C4
23.00 WIB Lithuania vs Albania

UEFA Nations League Grup D1
01.45 WIB Faroe Islands vs Andorra

UEFA Nations League Grup D2
01.45 WIB Liechtenstein vs San Marino

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