Udinese, Marino on Cioffi: “I trusted him, but in football nothing surprises me anymore”

In the aftermath of the end of the Serie A championship, Pierpaolo Marino, head of the Udinese technical area, made some statements to the thematic channel of the Friulian club: “As a football man with so much experience in football, nothing surprises me. Clearly it was not easy to foresee a development of what happened with Cioffi in the last few weeks. Sorry, on the one hand, but life goes on. Udinese continues its great history and programming and, above all, will try to find solutions for a new program that matches the strong team we have. The squad, as I have always said, was complete. The players and the club that set up this staff are to be thanked. 47 points may seem a lot for the recent past but in some respects they may seem too few. The availability alleged by Cioffi did not correspond to the exposure of a plan for which reconfirmation was possible and we realized that there was something else. At that point it was impossible to start a negotiation when there were other competitors, especially because we took a risk with Cioffi as it was his first experience at Serie A level. Serie A must be learned in its mechanisms and we took a risk, the ownership did it from a financial point of view and I did it with my position, I didn’t allow myself a minute out of the locker room to give maximum support and investing my time with the coach. We are sorry because we were thinking of raising a creature who later left us but we have a technical heritage and young people who give us very good hope for the future.
I trusted Cioffi, from a human point of view he showed some important skills but it is not the first time that such a situation has happened to me in football.
My serenity in the examination stems from the fact that we have a conscience affixed, we have invested in a man, we have valued him but if you tell me you want the confirmation of a player or a coach, I always choose the players, a coach can be reshaped. So there is no need to despair. Cioffi we created it in this period.
This year we scored 47 points enhanced by good performances especially in the second part thanks to the attachment to the colors of our players. We have Deulofeu, Molina and many strong players also on the bench so we don’t have to bandage our heads. I think we will have to continue in the wake of coaches who rely on a corporate project with experienced staff linked to the club rather than the coach. Our challenge will be to form figures who can make the most of this strong squad. I expect some staff members to be drawn to the same perspectives that have attracted Cioffi. Thanks to the ownership we do not need to sell but thanks to our sustainable football model the stadium was created, a fantastic sports center and we have reached 28 consecutive years of Serie A. We know that sometimes players ask to leave and this can happen even if it jeopardizes the financial future of any club.
This year, if we hadn’t had the problem of Covid and absurdities like the matches against Atalanta organized at the last second, we would have had 6/7 points more. I thank the players for their professionalism, yesterday it was not easy to play a game like the one in Salerno. This bodes well for the future, once one chapter is closed, another opens.
Before the match, in Salerno, we had an amazing reception plus, however, at the end of the first half the atmosphere became very overheated. Great credit must be given to those 200 fans who also came last night, it took a lot of courage to be there and to maintain the encouragement even when the match was decided, they were heroic: it was wonderful I didn’t think so many would come into that pit.
We are already at work because with great commitment we want to give certainties immediately and we have all the knowledge to do so. Udine is a very coveted square and the phone has been ringing since the news of Cioffi spread. We are looking for a coach who comes for the interest of the project very clear and structured that he is young. We do not set a timetable for choosing, the corporate project is so clear and structured that it will not affect us having to choose following the ideas of a coach, it will be this that will have to align with our project.
Regarding the question Pinzi who entered the field. The player was inserted in the list at the last minute in place of Marì, the press received a different list than the one given to the referee. So there is no problem or irregularity “.

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