Udinese – Genoa: 0-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match

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  • A point each that makes Udinese happier than Genoa. Friulians who reach 15 points, while Genoa moves the classification but remains third from last at 10 points.14:25

  • A very tactical match ends without winners or losers and where both teams have thought more to defend themselves than to seek victory. Genoa close to scoring with Ekuban in the first half, Udinese hit a post with Beto in the final.14:25

  • 90’+6′

    End of the game: UDINESE – GENOA 0-0.14:25

  • 90’+3′

    Udinese’s goal with Udogie but offside! Scavetto face to face with Sirigu, after a shot from outside the area by Walace, and the ball in the net but the referee blows his whistle.14:23

  • 90’+1′

    Yellow card for Rovella, tactical foul on the trocar.14:20

  • 90′

    There will be 6 minutes of recovery.14:19

  • 90′

    Substitution in Genoa, Toure enters for Sturaro.14:19

  • 86′

    Ghiglione is also warned.14:15

  • 86′

    Yellow card for Pussetto for a dispute with Ghilgione.14:15

  • 85′

    Substitution in Udinese, enters Success pr Deulofeu.14:13

  • 83′

    GHIGLIONE! Descending to the whole field of Ghiglione and ending low from the limit, Silvestri relaxes and unravels.14:11

  • 80′

    POLE FOR THE UDINESE! Pussetto serves Beto in the strait, conclusion with the right and the ball that after a deviation from Cambiaso hits the post.14:09

  • 78′

    A little more than ten minutes at the end and result stuck on a stalemate.14:10

  • 76′

    Genoa are now trying with the changes to change the inertia of a match that in the last quarter of an hour seemed to have given Udinese confidence.14:07

  • 73′

    Forward in Pandev for Bianchi.14:02

  • 73′

    Change in Genoa, Hernani enters for Badelj.14:01

  • 69′

    Walace tries with a missile from outside the box. Shot too central to worry Sirigu.14:01

  • 66′

    UDOGIE DANGEROUS! Exchange to the limit with Deulofeu and conclusion, after a rebound, with the right. Ball to the side.13:55

  • 64′

    Deep throw for Rovella who manages to anticipate his own marker and touch the ball with the tip. The conclusion goes out to the bottom.13:54

  • 62′

    Game that continues to not unravel from 0-0. Teams that struggle to create chances.13:51

  • 58′

    Ghiglione enters Saboa for Sabelli.13:46

  • 56′

    Calcione in Bedelj and immediately a yellow card for Makengo.13:46

  • 56′

    Inside also Makengo for Arslan.13:46

  • 55′

    Double change in Udinese, in Perez for Molina.13:46

  • 55′

    Swerving in the area of ​​Deulofeu and ending with the right, Biraschi immolates himself.13:44

  • 51′

    Udinese that in this start of the second half seems to have raised their center of gravity.13:40

  • 46′

    The second half of UDINESE – GENOA begins.13:34

  • 46′

    Change in Udinese, Samardzic enters for Nuytinck.13:34

  • Match blocked, intense and with few shots on goal, in the final the first real chance from goal with Ekuban who by a whisker sends the ball to the side.13:19

  • 45’+2′

    End of the first half: UDINESE – GENOA 0-0.13:18

  • 45’+2′

    Yellow card for Molina after catching Cambiaso.13:18

  • 45′

    There will be 2 minutes of recovery.13:17

  • 44′

    Yellow card for Sabelli, hard entry on Walace.13:15

  • 43′

    EKUBAN! Near the goal the attacker, control that mocked Samir and face to face with Silvestri precision conclusion that ends up a breath to the side.13:15

  • 40′

    Yellow card for Vasquez for a detention in Deulofeu.13:11

  • 38′

    Faint attacks by Genoa through central streets which, however, cannot find spaces.13:10

  • 33′

    Sudden conclusion of Rovella from 25 meters. SIlvestri blocks without problems.13:05

  • 32′

    After half an hour of play, the game is blocked without any real conclusions on the net yet.13:03

  • 28′

    Walace raids on the right and ends diagonally. Para in two stages Sirigu.13:00

  • 25′

    Study phase in the match, game played mostly in the middle of the pitch.12:56

  • 20′

    Corner kick for Udinese, the ball reaches the edge of the area with Arslan trying the first shot. High conclusion.12:51

  • 17′

    Free kick from the edge for Genoa conquered by Rovella, he starts but the shot ends high over the crossbar.12:49

  • 15′

    Forced change in Udinese, Pereyra is unable to continue due to a shoulder problem, inside Pussetto.12:47

  • 12′

    Quick action by Beto, sprint on the wing and central touch for Deulofeu, but Badelj in a slide saves his team by sending for a corner12:46

  • 11′

    Punishment from the trocar for Genoa, Rovella kicks but Silvestri comes out in a safe grip.12:42

  • 6′

    Continue to press Genoa with an enveloping maneuver. Udinese on the defensive.12:37

  • 2′

    First danger for Udinese, Cambiaso serves Badelj who tries the conclusion from a distance. High ball.12:37

  • 1′

    STARTING WHISTLE OF UDINESE – GENOA. Referees Wonder.12:31

  • In Udinese 3-4-2-1 where Deulofeu and Pereyra play forwards in support of Beto, Arslan and Walace will be in midfield with Udogie and Molina acting as outsiders. Genoa responds with a 3-5-2 that sees an unprecedented tandem forward, also given the many unavailable, Ekuban alongside Bianchi. Sabelli and Cambiaso push on the wings. While the trio of Biraschi, Vasquez and Masiello will play in defense.12:12

  • Formation GENOA (3-5-2): Sirigu – Biraschi, Masiello, Vasquez – Sabelli, Sturaro, Badelj, Rovella, Cambiaso – Ekuban, Bianchi. Available: Hernani, Semper, Bani, Galdames, Pandev, Vanheusden, Marchetti, Buksa, Ghiglione, Toure, Behrami, Portanova.12:08

  • UDINESE formation (3-4-2-1): Silvestri – Becao, Nuytinck, Samir – Molina, Arslan, Walace, Udogie – Pereyra, Deulofeu – Beto. Available: Soppy, Jajalo, Success, De Maio, Pussetto, Padelli, Makengo, Nestorovski, Samardzic, Camelos, Perez, Forestieri.12:05

  • Statistics favorable to the hosts, Udinese have not lost against Genoa in Serie A since February 2016, since then six wins and four draws for the bianconeri12:00

  • Delicate salvation battle at the Dacia Arena between Udinese and Genoa. Gotti’s team looking for a victory that seems to have become a rare commodity, only one in their last nine outings in the league. Shevchenko’s Genoa is instead looking for a relaunch and a shock to get out of the hot zone.12:00

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadio: Dacia Arena
    City: Udine
    Capacity: 25144 spectators12:00

    sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=238&a=r, https://wips.plug.it/cips/sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=476&a=r 2x" media="(max-width: 37.438em)"/>sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=523&a=r, https://wips.plug.it/cips/sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=1046&a=r 2x" media="(max-width: 63.938em)"/>sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=269&a=r, https://wips.plug.it/cips/sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=538&a=r 2x" media="(max-width: 85.313em)"/>sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=365&a=r, https://wips.plug.it/cips/sport.virgilio.it/img/stadi/1343.jpg?w=730&a=r 2x" media="(min-width: 85.375em)"/>
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