Ubuntu GamePack 20.04 OS was released, which allows you to run more than 85 thousand games

It became known that the Ubuntu GamePack 20.04 assembly is now available for download to everyone. Its peculiarity lies in the availability of tools for running more than 85 thousand games and applications created for the GNU / Linux and Windows platforms. Windows games are launched using PlayOnLinux, CrossOver and Wine. Older MS-DOS, Sega, Nintendo, PSP, PlayStation and ZX Spectrum games are also supported.

The build is based on Ubuntu 20.04 with all updates until September 2020. Compared to the previous release, the distribution kit received an updated package base, as well as additional utilities and software solutions for running games. The default GNOME user interface is Windows 10 style.

The new build of the operating system offers users a lot of tools with which to interact with various games. Game delivery systems such as Steam, Lutris, Itch and Game Jolt are available. There is a launcher for classic adventure and role-playing games ScummVM, as well as launchers for Windows games such as PlayOnLinux and CrossOver Linux. The assembly includes a DOSBox program for running games under DOS, as well as the ability to configure connection to repositories with collections of Linux games via UALinux, SNAP and Flatpak.

Also in Ubuntu GamePack 20.04 Adobe Flash and Oracle Java for online games are included, Direct3D 9/10/11 is implemented using the Vulkan API, as well as Wine and the q4wine and winetricks utilities. If you need to run Windows games in different containers, you can use the Wine Launcher. Added GameMode optimizer, which changes Linux settings in the background to improve gaming performance.

The size ISO image the new Ubuntu GamePack 20.04 is 4.9 GB.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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