Ubisoft will resurrect the Driver saga as a television series

With more than 16 million copies sold worldwide, the saga Driver prepares to put a twist on his story. Having released five main games and two spin-offs, Ubisoft has decided that it is time to step in another direction and explore the saga in other mediums. Specifically, the French firm is preparing a television series starring the mythical John Tanner. The announcement comes when this property is over 20 years old.

Driver swerves and becomes a television series

From GamesIndustry report that Ubisoft Film & Television is working on a live action show based on this open world driving game. As in the original saga, the production focus on undercover agent and former racing driver John Tanner. His goal will be to end a crime syndicate, so we are sure that the persecutions in the purest style of the 70s movies will be served.

As they remember from the middle, the saga Driver have not received a new release on console since Driver: San Francisco in 2011. The most recent release has been the free mobile game Driver: Speedboat Paradise, more focused on ships and navigation. Although the players were waiting for the arrival of a new title, the truth is that this news will probably like the most veteran fans who want to discover the story of Tanner from another perspective.

The Driver series will debut exclusively on Binge.com

The television series Driver will be released exclusively on Binge.com, a new streaming platform that was announced at E3 2021 and will be dedicated to “showcasing original premium content inspired by the most popular video game worlds and content creators.” This service is expected to start up in 2022, and be available on all devices connected to the Internet. There is currently no approximate date for the premiere of Driver.

The series will be produced by Ubisoft Film & Television, with Jason Altman, Danielle Kreinik and Genevieve Jones from this division serving as executive producers, along with Allan Ungar and Vincent Talenti of Binge.



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