Technology Ubisoft unveils Hyper Space, its futuristic battle royale

Ubisoft unveils Hyper Space, its futuristic battle royale


Ubisoft launches Hyper Space, its own battle royale aimed at competing with Fortine, PUBG or Apex Legends.

Ubisoft wishes his share of the cake in the universe of the battle royale and intends to overturn the established order with Hyper Space. Here no colorful universe, but a futuristic world where speed and verticality will be the key words of this new software in free-to-play for up to 100 players. The game has already started public testing phase, which will end on July 7.

For the time being, only 2 game modes are available , a solo mode, as well as a Team mode. The development team has already confirmed that other modes will be arriving in the near future.

For the moment, only one map is currently available: Neo Arcadia. Here the area is not reduced due to a storm as in Fortnite, your environment becomes dematerialized as your game progresses over time. To achieve victory, you must reach the last phase called The Showdown. From that moment, a crown will appear and the player or team who manages to keep this crown for 45 seconds will be declared the winner.

A partnership between Twitch and Ubisoft allows the integration of a completely new feature called Crowncast. Thanks to it, Twitch viewers have the power influence games in Hyper Scape in real time. They will be able to vote for the integration of several effects during the game (gravity, unlimited ammunition) which will affect all the players of the same match for a limited time.

The real-time communication and exchange between our streamers and their fans makes the Twitch platform one of a kind. While this type of interaction was traditionally limited to commenting on gameplay, Hyper Scape will go further and dive spectators at the heart of the experience by making them actors of the game. The fact that players can now have a direct impact on the course of the game, whether to help or to challenge the streamers, is a new experience.

Do you want to test this new battle royale? Two solutions are available to you: link your Twitch account and your Uplay account while watching streams and hope to get a key or so, register here and pray to receive the precious sesame.

This experience is currently only available on PC.


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