Ubisoft pays 1 million euros for one trailer

Ubisoft paid a staggering amount of 1 million euros for one trailer. Could it be Far Cry 6?

Ubisoft has paid 1 million euros for one trailer for an upcoming game.

That reports production company Goodbye Kansas Studios. “It is fantastic that Goodbye Kansas has a new production in the works for Ubisoft, a welcome sign of confidence from one of the industry’s heavyweights,” said managing director Peter Levin.

In total, Ubisoft will pay SEK 11 million (about EUR 1 million), presumably to the Stockholm location. Other studios are located in Hamburg, London and Los Angeles.

According to Maria A Grimaldi, CEO and managing director of parent company Bulbar Group, Goodbye Kansas Studios is one of the few companies to develop ‘advanced game trailers’ entirely in-house.

The studio recently made a GCI trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 and earlier trailers for Star Wars: Battlefront Magic The Gathering and Battlefield. It also provides The Walking Dead with graphic effects.

Goodbye Kansas does not say which game the trailer is intended for, but it is suspected that it is Far Cry 6.


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